Power Protein Waffles

The perfect waffles for the kids during the week, or for the family on the weekend. Whenever you choose to make these, you will not be disappointed! Here’s what you will need!

1/2 cup of Kodiak buttermilk waffle & flapjack mix

1 scoop of protein (your flavor of choice (I used strawberry)

1 egg 

5 Tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt 

1 Tablespoon of pb fit powder 

Add water until pancake like consistency. Make sure waffle Iron is hot and sprayed with cooking spray. Makes two large waffles for one serving, If you have a smaller waffle iron you will get 3-4 smaller waffles.

Macros (with no whip)- P42g -F10g- C38g.

Total calories 405

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